Easily Organize & Reuse Snippets
Advanced search, tagging, and simple copy and paste functionality makes it easy to organize and reuse your snippets.

Popular IDE Integration
Plugins for Visual Studio and Eclipse to easily copy, store, and reuse snippets.

Keep your Snippets Private & Secure
Keep your team or organization from suffering through bad, demo, or incomplete code.

RSS Feed Support
Stay up to date on your team or organization happenings with RSS feeds!
Support your Team More Effectively
Tracks revisions, supports commenting, and notifies you when a snippet has changed; Helps you bring new team members on board more quickly.

Store Multiple Programming Languages
Can support any development language. Offers syntax highlighting for languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, VB, Actionscript, Ruby, PHP, and Perl.

Access via our API
Our dedicated API allows you to use Code Barrel in your own way.

And it's a Hosted Solution...
So you'll always benefit from the newest features without having to waste time installing a new version.
Code Barrel supports Open Source Developers! Click HERE to find out more!

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